The journey to here

Melanie started her career in hair styling as a young woman in Detroit, Michigan. Fresh from high school she enrolled in Virginia Farrell Beauty School in Ferndale, Michigan. Intrigued by the theory, little did she know this would be the beginning of a beautiful career. She started flying to classes around the country trying her best to learn everything she could from hair cutting to event styling,  Determined to be a well rounded stylist, she worked to hone her skills by training under a popular and well seasoned barber. A Master Stylist in the once trendy Cece Winans Hair salon in Detroit, under the direction of a well known Midwest stylist, she traveled and styled for hair shows in the tri-state area (Michigan, Illinois and Ohio and worked with and for some of the top artists in the country. Once recognized as a team member and team player for the first African American design team, she was awarded for her commitment to education and encouraging salon professionalism.

After years in the industry Melanie developed health issues that could cause her to lose partial use of her arms....lose her lively hood. She took a hiatus from the industry and it wasn’t until 2012 that her health was stabilized. For almost 10 years she was unable to work full time, but she did persevere. Opening a salon in South Los Angeles and working part time.

With her destiny set in the beauty industry, Melanie started gaining the attention of entertainment industry professionals for her unique approach to styling all textures of hair with precision. Years of styling and education had given her the skill set to work in Hollywood. Something she only dared dream. She knew she had the skills since she had been a Master Stylist on an international stage- the challenge was in gaining credibility in the entertainment industry as a master stylist. 

Melanie is making up for lost time styling and proving she has the skills on various projects with well known talent, photographers as well as up and coming artist and enjoying every minute of it.